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About SMJR Consult

At SMJR Consult, we work with businesses with a specific focus on SME's, MSME's and CBO's, with a view to enabling them identify and apply strategies that provide significant breakthroughs in their operations, empowering them to unleash their full potential.

We expect and ensure that our impact is realised through

(i) improved business performance and profitability and

(ii) Inclusion of rural poor as input suppliers, employees, and customers

Our experience tells us that this is not only possible, but that Social Business is indeed a growing approach that is having significant impact in economic empowerment of the economically active but rural poor. It is our commitment to stay at the frontline of this approach where we work.

At SMJR Consult we are proud and passionate about what we do.

The SMJR Way

In the delivery of our mission and objectives, we will lean fully upon our creed:

(1) Social focus- we shall always be focused first towards maximising the social impact of our work before profit.

(2) Professionalism- Operating to the highest standard at all times in our engagements with all our stakeholders

(3) Partnership- Building the networks and associations that will increase the value and effectiveness of our offering to our clients

(4) Expertise- continuous professional development. Staying relevant, thereby offering our clients the best support.

What we do

Shape of our Client Portfolio

Our clients are targeted into 2 main clusters, (i) the Small Business and CBO, and (ii) The larger Organisation. In terms of focus and prioritisation, 60-70% of our effort goes towards supporting the Small Organisation and CBO, in line with our strategic direction, mission and vision. Because of our experience working with the large organisations, and the higher remunerative powers of such organisations (which allows us to subsidise fees to smaller clients), we plan to target 40% of business from the larger organisations

SMJR Consult clientele includes:

• Small and Medium business Enterprises (SMEs)

• Producer Groups/Collective Marketing Groups/Community Based Organisations

• Development Partners

• Private Sector Associations

• Non-Government and International Organisations SMJR Consult Targeted Shape of Client Portfolio

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