South Lake

Training and Capability Building

Leveraging our experience, while adopting from best practices elsewhere, we have developed a set of well designed, practical, and highly participatory training methodologies. We are putting these to great effect in our 2 core training areas of [i] Producer Group Strengthening and [ii] Business Skills training.

Our Approach

Our training is designed to complement our other focus areas of discussed above. We therefore focus our training in only 2 key areas

    Producer Group Strengthening:

    Some of the Core areas covered under this are as follows:
      • Importance of working in Producer/Collective Marketing Groups
      • Formalising a Group
      • Understanding and Leveraging Group Dynamics
      • Governance practices for Groups
      • Financial management & Records management for Producer groups
      • Improving access to markets for Collective Marketing Groups

Producer Group Strengthening in Kaabong Karamoja

Business Skills training 

Some of the Core areas covered under this are as follows:
    • Attributes of successful business persons
    • Idea Generation
    • Planning for Success- Goal & Objective Setting
    • Translating Goals, into clear Business Plans
    • Creating financial reports and record keeping
    • Improving sales and market share
    • Accessing & Managing finance for businesses

Business Skills training for Small Business Owners in Kasokoso, an Urban Slum Area.

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